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The Self Mirrored in the Other
An Oral Presentation Based on Three Short Stories (2 of 10)

Section 1. Introduction: scheme of main points (theses) made for each story and developed in the following three sections.

Cat in the Rain by Ernest Hemingway (read the story here)


A woman wants to look after a "poor kitty" because she identifies with it.
Explanation: an animal's situation affects someone who identifies his/her own personal situation with the animal's.

A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane (read the story here)

The tragic destiny of a dog could have been the child's (it was killed by the child's father, who used to beat his son when he was drunk).
Explanation: some people reflect their feelings hurting others.

A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud by Carson McCullers (read the story here)

A man tells a boy his theory about how we all should love. After a love disappointment, he has learned to love everything and everybody.
Explanation: there are some people who, after having lost whatever/whoever they most loved, learn to forgive and begin to appreciate and to love other people, animals or things.

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