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The following great deal of work was done by Ana (4F), who during the course 2004-05 analyzed three short stories you can read in Library - Literature under the corresponding authors.
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The Self Mirrored in the Other (1 of 10)
Section 1
  Introduction: scheme of main points made for each story and developed in the following three sections.
Section 2
  Part 1. Intro to Analysis and analysis of Cat in the Rain including notes on Ernest Hemingway.
Part 2.
Analysis of A Dark Brown Dog including notes on Stephen Crane.
Part 3.
Analysis of A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud and Conclusion, including notes on Carson McCullers.
Section 3
  Group dynamics used for the Oral Presentation of this activity.
Section 4 (teacher hasn't checked this yet)
  Learning English with these stories: Vocabulary and Expressions I Learned with: Cat in the Rain, A Dark Brown Dog, A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud.