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The Self Mirrored in the Other
An Oral Presentation Based on Three Short Stories (10 of 10)

Section 4. Learning English. Vocabulary and Expressions I Learned in...
A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud by Carson McCullers (read the story here)
5 The boy were a helmet like aviators wear. El chico llevaba un casco como el que llevan los aviadores. 8 He paid and was leaving the café when a voice called out to him. Pagó y estaba dejando el café cuando una voz le llamó. 44 "You ever seen her before?" "Not so I know of ." "¿La has visto alguna vez?" "No, que yo sepa". 72 " Why naturally, son. A woman does not run off like that alone". "Naturalmente, hijo. Una mujer no huye de esa forma sola". 116 But the pair of them had vanished from the face of the earth! ¡ Pero ellos dos se habían desvanecido de la faz de la tierra! 118 What matters is that around the third year a curious thing begun to happen to me. Lo que pasa es que, alrededor del tercer año, empezó a pasarme una cosa curiosa. 201 The boy did not speak for a long time. El chico no habló durante un largo rato.

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