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Skills - Speaking - Dialogues - Flatsharing

3 Task-Based Speaking Activities: 2. Organizing a New Flat Party
Go to Sharing a Flat/an Apartment (T1); Moving In - 1st Day (T3)
Activity designed by YT (michelle) - Printer-friendly version of Tasks 1 - 3 Word doc (1 page)

You've just tidied your place after moving in. You want to organize a great party. Discuss the following issues: Budget . Invitations : info (how to get there, time, address.) Guests : who to invite. Food and drinks : shopping and splitting expenses. Music . Other entertainment ? People staying over the night (need sleeping bags or extra beds?) Cleaning up the mess.

Useful language
(Agreed stuff) Who's doing this/that? Who's getting that?
(Spontaneous offering) I'll be in charge of. I'll do that .
(Plan/Intentions) So I'm going to . and you're going to. Is that right?
(Agreeing & Disagreeing) Oh no! We can't invite . Oh great! That's a good idea!
(Proposals, suggestions) How about (doing this or that)? Why don't we (do this)? We could.
(Asking for info) Are there any people staying over the night? Do you think there'll be anyone staying overnight?
(On-line Invitation) Chris and I would like to invite everyone to a "New Apartment Party." I'll make dinner and there will be some sort of entertainment. So, start looking at your August schedules! The specifics are yet to come, but I'd rather plan ahead so that everyone can make it. :)

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