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Rachel Corrie

She was a human rights activist, a pacifist, who believed we should work to make the world a better place to live in, a place where dignity, solidarity, justice prevailed. She was already aware of social issues at the age of 10, when she made a speech at school urging everybody to fight against poverty. She got killed at 23, minutes after this picture was taken. She was trying to prevent the bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian doctor's home.

Rachel Corrie interview - listen to her

"The Killing Zone"

Rachel Corrie attempting to block the bulldozwer before it killed her
Rachel attempts to block American-manufactured (Caterpillar) bulldozer
from demolishing home of Palestinian doctor, March 16, 2003. More photos External Link

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Here is a free download of some of her letters pdf file (10 pages)

In her March 8 2006 radio program, Amy Goodman (journalist from Democracy Now! External Link) interviews Vanessa Redgrave (actress, political activist) about the cancellation of a play on Rachel Corrie. The play was shown in London in 2005, and finally got to New York in october 2006.

Read/Listen to/Watch Rachel Corrie's Parents reaction to the "postponement" of the play in New York. Plus: "A Debate over why"
"My Name is Rachel Corrie" Opens in New York External Link

Stop Caterpillar from Demolishing People's homes External Link

Rachel Corrie at Mujer Palabra External Link