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Vanessa Redgrave (UK. 1937)

Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave 2005 Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador External Link I believe that children everywhere have the right to grow to adulthood in peace, health and dignity.

BBC article: Redgrave: Actress and Campaigner External Link * BBC Interview External Link The people I admire most are those who struggle for everyone ... to have their democratic rights (to say what they think)

From our Rachel Corrie Webpage...
In her March 8 2006 radio program, Amy Goodman (journalist from Democracy Now! External Link) interviews Vanessa Redgrave (actress, political activist) about the cancellation of a play on Rachel Corrie. The play was shown in London in 2005, and finally got to New York in october 2006. Watch the Vanessa Regrave Interview! External Link (35') Read the transcriptExternal Link Here are all the formats External Link (audio, audiovisual, written text).

2006 interview, Peace & Progress External Link (The Observer)

1996 Ms. Dalloway (based on a novel by Virginia Woolf)
Vanessa Redgrave's Mrs. Dalloway: Revolutionary or recluse? External Link
1992 Howards End (based on a novel by E.M. Forster)
1991 The Ballad of the Sad Café (based on a story by Carson McCullers, play by Edward Albee)
1977 Julia (based on the play Pentimento by Lillian Hellman)
1974 Murder on the Orient Express (based on a novel by Agatha Christie)

Mission: Possible - An Interview with Vanessa Redgrave
Watch a trailer of the film Mission:Impossible, with Tom Cruise

Oscar-Winning Actress, Activist Vanessa Redgrave Calls For Justice, Legal and Human Rights For Guantanamo Prisoners External Link (Read & listen)