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News Summer 2014: Broken links to the EOI Getafe website: The school decided to remove the work by about 300 students when they created a new website arguing no one was interested - I have a copy of those writings, so I will try to publish them here. When I do so, I will delete the reference to this school. I keep it now as a reminder of pending work.

point Articles

Creative Writing
point Poems
Creative Writing by EOI Getafe students

Descriptive Texts
point Reviews
Travel Guides
point Travel Guides & Narratives by EOI Getafe students - Broken link
point Reports
point Proposals by EOI Getafe students

Descriptive / Narrative

point Feminist Biographies. I Semana Cultural Feminista 2019
point Biographies by EOI Getafe students
point Stories
point Life experiences by EOI Getafe students

Argumentative & Speculative Texts
point Essays
point Reasoned Opinions

Hypothetical language (expressing wishes, imagining situations)
Argumentative & Speculative Writings by EOI Getafe students

Instructional Texts
point Recipes
point Letter-Writing
Letter-Writing by EOI Getafe students


point Articles
point The World of Work
point Summaries: Nieves's on Therapy

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