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Love it! Written Texts New! (magazines!)
Love it! Saying/Reciting Poems external link youtube channel EFLLEARNERSSPEAKINGENGLISH
Love it! Oral Presentations - check it out: videos! - up
Love it! Oral Performances with feedback from YT - merge with previous...
Love it! Vocabulary & Useful Language by Students
Love it! Your Activities (Listening, Vocabulary...) - fix
Love it! Artwork

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Love it! Valéria Souza's Page (2009)
Love it! Ana Otto's Page (2008)

Posting on TP Blogs...

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bullet Michelle's Blog for Básico 1 external link (2011-15, 2014-16)
bullet Plans and What We Did (for Intermedio and Avanzado 2, 2013-14)
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