A Feminist Halloween! & A Story: The Werewolf, by Angela Carter

Read the transcript of the Carter story and find my handout with language questions and another story, about the ORAL story Angela Carter took into account for writing “The Werewolf” (unfortunately known as… Red Riding Hood, the patri…

Useful Language. Saying You’re Sorry

This audio includes “sorry” sentences you can use in conversations and in notes and letters/emails. It also includes some language comments, like the comment about the three different “that” words you can find! Read the sentences in this episode. More: Apologies Accepted at TP and some sorry letters at the TP Writing section. http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/0tppodcast/usefullang_apologies01.mp3

Useful Language. Saying thank you 01

Read the thank you sentenceson this Talking People link Read the thank you notes on this Talking People link This episode contains mostly drilling (the same structure with changes in some words), so at times I won’t be repeating each sentence twice, just once. It has two sections: first, a one-page list of useful sentences to … Continue reading Useful Language. Saying thank you 01