Oral activities by learners. Someone I love, by Alba (Intermediate)

Read the transcript which includes corrections in block letters.


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Oral Activities by Learners. Someone I love, by Felipe (Intermediate)

Read the transcripts

It’s 8 minutes but Felipe speaks for 2!

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Elementary. Review 1. Useful Language for Everyday Situations. Part 1

Read the transcript


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Elementary. Present. Describing a friend

Read the transcript


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Elementary. Present. Likes & Dislikes

Read the transcript


Elementary. Present. Describing my house

This episode teaches you how to talk about your house, considering structure and language items at the Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels. First listen, and then read the transcript. Finally, try to describe your house!

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Elementary. Present. Questions-n-Answers 1

Read the transcript
Listen and repeat! Imitate the pronunciation!


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Elementary. Useful Classroom Language 2

An episode dedicated to my Elementary students (Básico 1, 2008-2009). It’s a revision of what we learned to use in class in our first lessons!
Read/Print the sentences in this episode. Enjoy!

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Stories. A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud, by Carson McCullers

Carson McCullersA story which is hard to read, especially if you want to teach students to pronounce the endings and the consonant clusters!!! 🙂

Read the story.

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Useful Language. Letter-Writing. Requesting information 01

With this audio we’re pushing our section of Useful Language a bit further, to include… letter-writing!

Why record audios of that? Well, you can learn to read the language we may use in letters. In this way, you’ll remember it better. You’ll probably consolidate your speaking skills and you are likely to improve in terms of not making certain kind of grammar mistakes — those “silly mistakes” you always make and that you keep not fixing because you insist in NOT proofreading your work!!! ;D

Listen now to this sample letter of someone trying to find out some information about language courses abroad.
Read this letter here.
If you want me to read your own sample letters, just let me know!

Useful Language. Making requests 01

Read the sentences
It includes drilling with indirect questions, too. More on indirect questions here.


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Useful Language. Giving contact information

This episode contains sentences you can use while speaking or in writing to give contact information.
Read the sentences.

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Elementary. Modals. Invitations. Would you like…?

This episode for Elementary (Básico) students includes some oral drilling so you can listen and repeat, and learn useful sentences, and then an explanation of the difference between “Would you like …?” and “Do you like…?” There is no transcript of this episode but if you need it, post your request at the Talking People Podcast!

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Useful Language. Suggestions, Proposals, Recommendations


Read those sentences at the TP Website.


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