Situations. Bumping into a friend & talking about movies/films (1, Advanced, C1)

We are happy to share with you a lovely contribution by teachers in one of Spain’s public/state-run language schools for adults (EOI schools).

Going to the movies: Hidden Figures (2017) – with the crosscurricular viewpoint of Education for Equality (Coeducación)

Dialogues for 3 levels: Básico, Upper Intermediate (B2), and Advanced (C1)

Kindly recorded by teachers at the EOI Fuengirola English Department: Marisa & Roberto (for the Básico dialogue), John and MF (for Upper Intermediate & Advanced). Scripts written by… guess who! 😀

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Useful Language. The Passive 01

This episode is for Upper Intermediate or Advanced students, a kind of checking you know where you are in terms of uses for the passive!

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