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Language - Activities & Links

point Language - Activities

point Practice with the comparatives, by Cristina Romero
Cloze test and Writing Summaries (Y4), by Carmen Peredo
point Find the subjunctive (Y4), by Carmen Peredo

point Language - Links

point Ejercicios varios: English Page External Link
point Ejercicios de Sotero García Ortiz External Link
point Rephrasing Exercises External Link (Self-Access Corner: A set of computer assisted activities for Intermediate students)
point Ejercicios imprimibles External Link
Grammar on-line Quizzes External Link sorted out by level
point Phrasals External Link
point BBC. Funky Phrasals External Link Review your phrasal verbs while listening to English
point BBC. Grammar Challenge External Link Review your grammar while listening to English
point BBC. Vocabulary. News External Link
point BBC Learning English External Link
point Talking People External Link A communicative site for life-long English learners, with learning techniques and exercises for the 4 skills, a forum, sociocultural knowledge.
point The OWL at Purdue External Link Writing & Grammar Reference.