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Listening - Activities & Links

point Listening - Activities

point BBC. 6-minute English External Link Listen & Repeat sentences sorted out by language function in 6-min radio programmes!
point Breaking News English External Link Exercises to work with news items
point BBC. Funky Phrasals External Link Review your phrasal verbs while listening to English!
point BBC. Grammar Challenge External Link Review your grammar while listening to English!
point BBC. Welcome to London External Link
point BBC. London life External Link

point Listening - Links

British Library: Sounds Familiar? Accents & Dialects of the UK External Link
point BBC Learning English Pronunciation Tips External Link with audio support
point Podcasts at Talking People External Link A selection of podcasts and non-technical explanations about how to subscribe

News & Interviews
point BBC4 News External Link (Britain)
point BBC Interviews External Link (Britain)
point Democracy Now! External Link (the USA)
point NPR External Link (the USA)
point ABC External Link (Australia)

Art, Films & Literature
point Our Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre Webpage
point BBC Radio 3 External Link
point Shakespeare at Wired for Books. Listen to his plays and poems! External Link
point Contemporary writers External Link at Wired for Books. Listen to writers being interviewed and reading their works
point Stories & Poems and Useful Language External Link at the Talking People Podcast