Stories. My Mum, the Circus & Family Adventures!

Going to this webpage on Your Stuff! > Your Texts > Stories, you will find the transcript, too. It includes a page with Useful Language and links to get more Useful Language on various topics!

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Stories. Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life” (beginning)

Go to the Ted Chiang webpage on Talking People

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Poems. Mina Loy’s “There is no Life or Death”

Go to the Mina Loy page on Literature – Talking People

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People. What can we learn from Virginia Woolf?

Download the AntiExam Pack: Virginia Woolf, the Spring Practice Test Pack for Elementary (Básico 1). Use this episode to prepare a monologue on Virginia Woolf.

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Intermediate. OP on Healthy Food

I’m excited to present a new segment (yes! Yet another! :D) which I’m creating because Mari Carmen, someone I worked with when she was in Básico 1 (Elementary) has sent in the script of a “monologue” she wrote for class, now that she is in “Intermedio” (B1). Thanks so much for this precious contribution! I’m sure it will help other B1 (Intermediate) students! Enjoy!

Read the transcript

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Useful Language. Everyday sentences with C1 language items (socializing)

No transcript. I’m protesting students’ obsession with reading and not training their ears to learn to understand. (It’s like a culturally patriarchal obsession with doing things the hardest and least enjoyable way, to make sure one fails, or has a hell of a time). So if you want a transcript, you can take it down as a dictation and then post here. I’ll check it! 😀 <3

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Poems. “Dear Webster” by Connie Fife (Cree/Mohawk)

Read or print the poem

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Elementary. Q&A on Routines for Conversations (part 2, 3rd p. sing.)

The worksheet with lots of questions is on this page (scroll down!)

And here is the audio (part 2 – Questions with “he/she”)

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